Our Story

Thank you for Visiting Editex Home Textiles at editexhometextiles.com We hope you find what you are looking for to make your home more beautiful.

Editex Home Curtain Corp is an American Company that was established in 1981, as an import / export textile business for home and general décor spaces. The operation of the business is located in Hauppauge, New York.  Editex imports, distributes and exports textile products for the décor of your entire home, from bedroom, bathroom, to dining and kitchen, across the USA and the Caribbean.

During over 40 years in business, Editex has worked with diligence, determination, and resourcefulness to make it possible to interact with our customers with respect & cooperation. We envision ourself to provide top quality products and affordability to our valued customers.

Whether you're looking for any of our:   

  • Window Curtains: either Rod Pocket or with Grommets or Pinch Pleated
  •                   * sheer,                   * crushed lace,           * woven,
  •                   * blackout,            * velvet,                          * printed,
  •                   * faux silk,             * jacquard,                    * embossed,
  •                   * string,                  * beads,                         * embellished velour,
  •                   * macrame,          * embroidered,
  • Kitchen curtains,                      valances,          holdback clips,
  • bathroom mat sets,                towels,
  • throw sofa covers,                  comforters,                           
  • cotton & microfiber sheets, or
  • tablecloths, runners, & doilies, for tables, dressers & night tables,                                     

rest assured that our products are made of  high quality, and we carry a unique variety of:            * designs,          * textiles,          * textures,          * sizes, and         * colors.

Once you place an order with us, small or  big, it will be given our professional care. Step-by-step, the process will be as follows:

Your order is printed and taken to our warehouse, where we fill your order by finding your item(s), and placing them in the best cardboard box that fits the size of your order. Your order gets inspected for accuracy, and after your order is packed and the box is sealed, we then weigh and measure the box, and print the shipping label. Finally, your order gets entered into our system, and it gets shipped.


Feel at ease, knowing that Editex can bring you style and enjoyment, right into your home.