Elaine Pinch Pleated Lined Drapes Single Width 3 sizes 48x63 48x84 48x95

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Looking for a beautiful set of pinch pleated drapes for your home or office?                            The Elaine is the perfect solution for you! These Lined Drapes are a classic addition to your windows, and come in 3 Sizes:                 48"wide x 63" length;                                                                                                                      48"wide x 84" length; and                                                                                                                48"wide x 95" length.

Each set consists of 2 Panels, each measuring 24"wide, each. Available in 24 wonderful colors:

Aqua           Chocolate     Gold            Lilac                  Neon Yellow      Red     

Beige           Cinnamon    Green          Navy                 Orange              Silver

Black           Evergreen     Lagoon       Neon Lime        Pink                   White

Burgundy     Fuchsia        Light Blue    Neon Orange   Purple                Yellow

These curtains are Pinch Pleated and come with 2 Tie Backs and Pin Hooks.

Search "Elaine" on our web page to find the Double and Triple Width Versions of Elaine. Each has 3 sizes and the same 24 colors!